How Should Businesses Take Care of Office Decontamination?

How Should Businesses Take Care of Office Decontamination?

Disinfection of office space is extremely important at any time, but especially now, during the pandemic, when we need to protect ourselves more than we did before.

Offices are workspaces where there are all sorts of surfaces on which viruses and bacteria can survive quite a long time and even grow.

According to statistics, people touch about 300 surfaces every 30 minutes, and here we can include papers, textiles, keyboard, door knobs, handles, phones and more. This means that we are exposed to hundreds of thousands of germs every hour, which is why hygiene at work, not just at home, is extremely important. To ensure that your workspace is clean and that there are no healthy risks for your employees, cleaning experts recommend a number of good practices to consider.

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Disinfection of office spaces in 4 simple steps

  • Everyone needs to get involved

An office cannot be kept clean if the whole team does not work together to keep it clean. You need to make sure that every employee understands the importance of disinfection and compliance with hygiene rules during this pandemic. By being able to convince all the people who work in the office about how important the sanitation of the space is, you will notice that it will be maintained for a longer time, and the risk of contacting a transmissible disease will decrease considerably.

  • Disinfection of phones

When we think of disinfection, we generally have in mind our hands, the keyboard, the mouse and the desk. However, the phone is one of the gadgets we use most often, which is why its disinfection is mandatory. Keep in mind that phones, whether we are talking about mobile phones or the company’s fixed phones, they all come into direct contact with people`s face, which increases the risk of germs spreading.

  • Sanitary spaces

Every office must have clean and disinfected sanitary spaces. By emphasizing the cleanliness of these extremely solicited areas, you will ensure more attention and caution from employees. Place sanitizing solution dispensers throughout the office, ensure frequent cleaning and disinfection of rooms and surfaces, as well as constant ventilation.

  • Get help from disinfection professionals

Last but not least, in order to properly disinfect your office, you should turn to cleaning and disinfection specialists. By collaborating with professional disinfecting services near me, you will get complete services, customized according to the needs of your office. Specialists are trained to respect the strictest protocols related to hygiene norms and use strong and safe cleaning solutions, for each type of surfaces that require disinfection.

Proper office decontamination is a process that can be ensured only by professional staff, equipped with the appropriate equipment. The team will first measure the level of germs in the air and on the surfaces. This is done with a special device called a luminometer. Then they will use methods such as the nebulization that allows slowly spreading of decontamination particles in the air and on the surfaces. At the end of the operation, the level of contamination will be tested again, to evaluate the efficiency of the entire process.

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